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The Best Financial Independence Resources

Researching everything about FI (financial independence) has actually be fascinating. I have always been the nerdy type where I want to know everything I can about a subject I'm currently hooked on. FI is definitely one of those subjects alongside mini canvas painting and exercises to grow your shoulders (why not have a range of interests). Since I wish I had a list of resources when I first started I thought this would be a great reference for now and in the future. 

Where My Paycheck Is Going #1

I thought it would be interesting to write a post on how I am saving/spending one of my paychecks. It would be a curious experiment over time and maybe to see where my money is going and if I am on track to reach a savings rate of 50%. 

Moving Home #1

Now that it has officially passed the one mark month of living at home with my family while saving money. I thought it would be fun and helpful to document this journey. I will be starting (well trying to start, let's be honest) weekly posts about my journey of moving home and figuring out finances slowly. 

Why I Moved Back Home

Moving out is the defining moment of independent adulthood. As a teenager, most are desperate to spread their wings and explore the world. To fly freely and to chart their own course So what is the rational behind leaving the nest only to return?