Hi! I'm Nicole. Your average 25 year old trying to figure out her financial life. 

I started Stupid Young Money to document my journey on becoming a little more educated, a little wiser and a whole more financially independent. My journey started in July of 2018 when I made the move back to Connecticut and to live at home to save money. I noticed when I was working as a UX Designer in Boston how everyone around me was struggling everyday. Even in the tech world. I made a decision one I was able to complete the rest of my masters remotely that I would not live this way forever. So I got a fantastic job 20 minutes away from my childhood home and I haven't looked back since.

You can read about Why I Moved Back Home here

I moved home with a net worth of about $27,000 and I'm currently laying out my financial goals and what I want out of life which currently include: 

  • Owning multiple investment properties 
  • Owning my own UX consulting business 
  • Working part time in the corporate world
  • Learning more about FI, tax optimization and investing

Fun Facts 

I used to work in the Hedge Fund and Banking industries before I became a UX Designer. That's where I learned working 40-50 hours a week is terrible no matter what way you look at it. 

I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I applied to Art school during the financial recession of 2008 and ultimately decided to go to school for business. I am now completing my thesis for my masters Digital Media focusing on Interactive Design. In some way, your passions always find a way back to you. 

Money and numbers has always interested me. My grandfather (who is/was the main driver for my determination to be financial independent) would give me his left over articles from the Wall Street Journal where I would read about economics, politics and investing. 


I would like to invite you on this crazy ride, follow along and maybe not be so stupid, young and dumb with money.