How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series #1

How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series #1

I’ve been career hacking ever since I left school (well my undergrad, still technically in school). I didn’t even know what I was doing had a formal name, I just thought I was a go getter. I highly recommend before you read this self case study that you go and read one of my most popular posts, Career Hacking - How To Get The Career And Money You Want. It’ll give you a great background on what career hacking is and my personal story of how I went from 40K to $14 and hour to 84k in under 4 years.

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How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series #1
How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series #2

The Background On The Career Hacking Self Case Study

I started this blog back in July, when I first moved home from Boston, MA to CT. I got a public sector job that was willing to pay me a much higher salary than I was making in Boston and it was under 20 minutes away from my parents home. So I made the best FI (financial independence) decision I could: I moved out of my expensive city shared apartment and moved back in with the rents, 6 months later I am realizing some not so peachy things about this new job.

  1. I am the only UX Designer. UX Designers work best on a team so they can bounce new ideas off each other and improve their work in a collaborative way.

  2. They have not been able to get me my UX software and blame internal politics. So essentially I’m a sitting around.

  3. Since my managers have never had a UX Designer before, they often throw me around on projects and give me last minute design tasks that are more like major projects rather than simply giving them a pretty picture. Even though I have tried to communicate that a UX Designer works more as a psychologist, developer, visual designer, information architect and researcher, I’m treated as a graphic designer.

  4. I feel like with all these factors combined I’m slowly losing touch with the outside design world.

Though the perks are good right now 84K pay, 40 hours a week, flexible time, 6% employer investment in a 401K with no vesting period, HSA with some employer contributions, I am still very worried about the future of my career.

I recently decided to start seeing what else is out in the world that would be still close to my family, friends, boyfriend and not in a major US city. This sparked the idea of creating a series of the steps I am taking to look for a new job as well as increase my chances for increasing my income along with it.

This will be the introduction into the series and the following posts will be updated weekly. Here’s a quick (and not finalized list) of what I plan to cover.

  • Editing an revamping your resume and Linkedin

  • Nailing your personal “story” pitch

  • Updating your portfolio/professional website (this will probably more for the creatives)

  • Applying to jobs and how to customize your resume and cover letter for individual job listings

  • The results (this post I’m thinking might have to come later on)

Within each of these posts I will go into detail and feature what I am actually doing to boost my chances of success. I will explain step by step the reasons why I do things and give pointers and tips that anyone can take action on.

Though career hacking might sound difficult, if you break it down into steps and have the motivation to make a change, anything is possible. I also want to thank you in advance for joining me on this journey and I encourage you to comment on these posts as I will be answering questions.


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How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series #2

How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series #2

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