Moving Home #4

Moving Home #4

I am a bit behind on posting about moving back home and what I have been pursuing, changing and experiencing. I moved back from in July 2018 for several reasons: to save money, to be closer to my family, to be closer to my boyfriend and wanting a slower lifestyle (Boston is very fast paced).

I started writing about moving back home, though not consistently, I will be working on that more in the New Year. I really enjoyed writing this series and will continue to, here are my previous Moving Home posts:

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Since my last post, I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging. It wasn’t even intentional, life just got busy. Before New Year’s, I was wrapping up my Masters in Digital Media by completing my thesis project on an app based solution for teaching children financial literacy, landed a new job (you can land your dream job by following the steps I took here) and spent much needed time with family and my boyfriend.

After New Year’s though, I’ve been a bit lazy in all aspects of my life and I’m really wanting to get back on track. Here’s my summary of life after moving home.

I’m focusing on my health

The holidays came and went, the pounds of excess weight though, stayed. I was stress eating everything in sight while completing my thesis, getting back on Subway next to work during the day and at night binging on holiday cookie tins given to us as gifts.

After New Years, I felt completely blobish, like Flubber. Do I dare even mention that my stomach looks like tanned cottage cheese? After being completely dissatisfied with my physical state, I decided to completely jump on the fitness band wagon and also invest in my health. I found a fitness coach on instagram who had similar proportions to me and requested a 8 Week Lifestyle Program. A week later I was given a meal plan, a workout plan, a food substitution list and weekly checkins for $275.

As someone who is trying to plan out their finances and achieve some kind of Financial Independence, I felt so guilty and ashamed of buying something like this. Knowing myself, I wanted someone to monitor my progress and also hold me accountable. I’m looking at this as an investment in myself and in my health. So far I am in the midst of week 3 and I am so ecstatic I got a coach.

Of course it’s not all rainbows with this plan. The workouts I absolutely love, the food and supplementation I have a major issue with and I’m working with my trainer to resolve it. She recommended a thermogenic to help lean out, every time I have taken it (even with a quarter serving) I have become violently ill, anxious, and foggy. I also found that I was extremely nauseous when taking a digestive enzyme on an empty stomach. Both the thermogenic and digestive enzyme are in the back of my closet now, I’m too ashamed of spending money on them to throw them out just yet. In terms of food, it’s way too much for someone of my size and stature. I have asked to reduce the food size/meal rates. Until then I’m following the plan my coach laid out, just with some modifications and reductions.

After just two weeks though, I can feel my bloated tummy subside and my hips lean out. I’m starting to feel thinner, leaner and more confident. I’m excited to see where the next 5 weeks gets me to and I hope I can keep up this lifestyle even after the plan ends.

I landed a new job

I have been actively applying for new jobs since October. You might be wondering, “She just moved back to CT for a job, now she’s trying to find another one?”. Yes I am, but for good reasons. Back in May, I got permission from my masters program to do my thesis remotely. I saw it as an opportunity to be able to move home, spend time with family and my boyfriend as well as save up some major cash. I was spending tons of money on rent in Boston and feeling like I was under paid for my worth.

Here’s where it gets interesting/becomes a full circle. I applied to several jobs back in the Connecticut/Rhode Island area before making a move home, I wanted to make sure that my financial ducks were in a row. There were two companies in Connecticut that were actively pursuing me: a government contractor and a major insurance company. I went with the government contractor since they were pressuring me to accept as well as being located very close to my family’s home. A few months later I realized I should of waited out for the insurance company.

I literally had a fresh new set of tools in my belt from my education and job as a UX Designer in Boston, the government contractor didn’t provide me with any of the software that any UX Designer would need. Managers would often site “You’ll just have to be patient”, “I don’t want to step on ‘so and so’s’ toes”, “We have to vet the software which can take 6-9 months”. I finally got one piece of software I requested after 6 months, with many other pieces still on the back burner. I was tired of waiting, worried that my skills and education were being wasted. I contacted the insurance company again, applied for a different team and I’ll be starting in a week!

I did write a series on Career Hacking and how I went from Finance to UX and went from $14 an hour to now… $90,000 a year. I have been focused on increasing my income through education, experience and career hacking and in this series I will be teaching you all the tricks I did to achieve some massive success in a short amount of time.

I’m creating sustainable habits around self care

After listening to a few podcast interviews with James Clear who wrote Atomic Habits (I’m only about half way through but I’m hooked).

In the past, I have majorly neglected self care in possibly every way: I drank too much, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t drink enough water, I ate terrible food. It got bad to the point where I gained a ton of weight, my hair was falling out from stress and I looked like I was 56 instead of 26.

I am not creating habits around self care that are small, attainable and easy to maintain thanks to the lessons I have learned so far in Atomic Habits. I created several checklists that in Google Keep that fire off at certain times, certain places and certain days. I will be creating a post soon on how I keep focused and on track with my habits with Keep to show you more about how to create checklists to get more shit done and also take care of yourself more.

I will be sharing a post soon on my New Years Resolutions as well and how they fit with the lessons taught in Atomic Habits, keep an eye out for that because I’m covering my resolutions from health, life optimization to financial independence.

I hope you all are having a great 2019 so far and here’s to a new year with lots of improvements!

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