Moving Home #3

Moving Home #3

Bonus Post: I decided to post this earlier due to (1) being late on my post last week, (2) it being a holiday week and (3) as of writing this Saturday, October 6 Stupid Young Money hit 1,000 page views. Thank you again!

It’s been three months since I moved back home. I'm starting to feel like it’s my home again rather than a place I’m just staying at. I can really see myself here for longer term, I even decorated my room which I have never really done before while living in apartments. I feel safe, welcomed, understood and definitely never lonely.

There are some major goals I am celebrating:

I reached $10,000 in my retirement investment accounts

I saved over $10,000 in my emergency savings account

Stupid Young Money has over 200 unique views a month

I paid off over $3,000 of my car loan

I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to reach these milestones. Of course I have to thank my mother and stepfather for their ever present support. I have to say my goal of cooking them some homemade meals has gone down really well and has been very happily received. In my previous two posts I have tried to actively identify things that I wanted to work on or to continue working on.

My spending still needs work. I have been on a buying streak with booze, makeup, decorations for my room, clothes and piddly other things. That needs to stop real fast. I have been active in identifying services that I don’t use and canceling them. I plan on taking what I was spending before and directly transferring it into my bank account monthly.

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to switch up my investments. I have had success switching out my previous employer’s 401K to IRAs (both Roth and traditional) and I have been on track to maxing out my HSA by the end of the year. I have also been contributing 22% of my paycheck to my traditional 401K since I wanted to not completely deplete my bi-weekly check by getting that investment taxed while contributing a large amount to my HSA.

I still don’t know what I want out of my life, how I want to live the out the next chapter or what that next chapter will be. I do know that my job (even though I have only been there 3 months at this point) is getting really old really fast. I definitely do not want to be there for probably more than I need to since I believe it was a major step back in my career. It does pay better than what I was making before and it is stable especially during economic downturns so I have been making goals for my next steps. Those goals are the following:

I’m starting to focus on my side hustles.

I have been listening almost 24/7 to podcasts like ChooseFI, Afford Anything, Journey To Launch and The FireDrill Podcast. It’s pretty much an addiction at this point. Many of the guests they have on their shows do have side hustles of varying degrees. Since my job at this point is not satisfying me in the ways I thought it would be and having basically no projects, I have decided to start a few side hustles (along with this blog though I am not monetizing just yet).

Those include:

A Society6 shop with video game art (passive)

An Etsy printable shop (passive)

A youtube channel featuring content about UX Design (active)

Trying to gather up work as a UX Designer (active)

I have labeled the hustles I am trying out as passive and active. Active being that I will be actively involved in the side hustle to generate income and passive being that once established, it should bring in passive income. So far I have been working consistently on the youtube part, not as active as I should be with the other three I would like to pursue. I’m starting to conclude if I want all these things (not just side hustles), that I need to make every moment count since according to Paula Plant from Afford Anything, “your time is a limited resource”.

I am needing to focus more on the present and not what the future might be.

I wrote about this in my post Enjoying The Moment While Pursuing FI. I am the type of person, based on my past experience with financial insecurity (which I’m starting to open up about).

I should stop spending and start saving more.

I am so used to spending. Spending on food, spending on eating out, spending on piddly little things from Amazon that half the time I don’t end up using. I am going to confront my spending head on and try to figure what I can cut out physically.

I need to start focusing on my health.

Not that I’m the most unhealthy person. But I’m realizing that I have some unhealthy tendencies that do hold me back in almost every area of my life. This is reflected in my budget, emotionally. A good confrontation will probably open up some wounds but its better to figure it out rather than to fester. I also want to focus on my health physically while also improving the emotional side.

I was recently in a major car accident caused by a car coming from the opposite lane, luckily we avoided a head-on collusion but still totaled all the involved cars. We didn’t need to be hospitalized but it did set me back in terms of my anxiety and physical health. I am trying to work it through every day and I’m trying to focus on eating whole foods that will help me heal rather than my usual habits. I’m praying for a speedy recovery for all that were involved.

Thank you all so much for following along in my journey. I’m excited for what the future may bring.


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