2019 New Years Resolutions and Reflections

2019 New Years Resolutions and Reflections

Happy New Years! I know I might be a little late to the New Years Resolutions and Goal Planning bang wagon but I haven’t done mine just yet! I hate to admit but I’m usually late to the party since the holidays are usually the craziest time of the year for me rather than being a time to reflect and relax.

If you’ve been following along on my Financial Independence Journey, you might have seen that I haven’t posted in a while. I apologize for that! Life gets insane sometimes, especially around the holidays. Since I took a little hiatus I’ve been:

  • Wrapping up my thesis for my Digital Media masters

  • Spending the holidays with friends, family and my boyfriend

  • Seeking out a healthier/sustainable lifestyle

  • Landed a new job

2019 ended on a busy note. After the New Year, I gave myself 2 weeks to essentially do nothing productive - no blogging, no learning, definitely slacked on the work part especially when I landed my new job offer. I’m feeling the itch though to get back into blogging, learning, leaning in more towards earning more money and being healthy and happy.

2019 Resolutions and Goals

Blogging and Passive Income:

I personally have been making a few cents on this blog for a while, and I’m okay with that. The blogging and passive income journey is what it is: a journey not a race. I would rather make no money from what gives me joy rather than make more money in something that makes me miserable.

So far after the last 6 months I have been blogging I have made about $12. I know there’s people all over the internet who have made several thousand dollars within their first few months, but I’m blogging about my life, my journey and only mentioning things that I personally like. Sometimes when you want to be authentic you have to leave the money behind or it’ll just come later.

What I have been doing lately that has brought me a ton of joy in the few minutes I get to do it is watercoloring. I have recently signed up for a trial version (2 freaking full months!) of Skillshare which has many creative classes for painters, graphic designers to marketers and coders. I have been taking several watercolor classes and I’m thinking of even buying a low grade art scanner and selling prints online.

Health and Wellness

I started the new years with a bang and signed up with a fitness coach. I have to say I’m not exactly happy with my purchase ($275 for 8 weeks)… I have voiced concerns to the coach about my diet, feeling gross off the supplements she recommended (which I have thus stopped) as well as the amount of food she recommended. I absolutely love the workouts and combos that she has me doing though and I did notice I did lose a little bit of body fat as well.

Since I started a new job with a new (very long) commute fairly recently, I haven’t been able to go to the gym or eat especially well. I’m hoping after the first two weeks I settle down, will be able to sleep and find ways to fit health and fitness in my new schedule.

Career and Education

As I mentioned before I landed a new job with a very long commute. My commute is now back to where it used to be when I was working in Boston, about 2 hours a day. The job itself seems like one I am going to settle well into and has great potential for growth both role wise and money wise. What I am hoping for is to save enough money to be able to either (1) get a small apartment nearby or (2) buy a house relatively close my office (within a 15 minute commute).

As for my education and now being done with my masters, my new job does offer a discount at a local university as well as tuition reimbursement up to 5K a year, which is amazing. I’m currently dreaming of getting my MFA (masters of fine arts) which I have always dreamed of getting since I was in high school.

Right now I’m pretty satisfied with how things are going in this department, which hasn’t been the case! You can read all about my journey to this point in my post, Career Hacking - How To Get The Career and Money You Want.

Family and Relationships

I’m a person always seeking higher ground. After this was pointed out to me several times by my boyfriend (bless his soul for putting up with my antics), I finally saw it for myself. I’m always seeking stability, even if it causes some regret later down the road. And though this has been the most stable part of my life thus far, I’m learning to appreciate it rather than continue to seek higher ground. I am learning to live in the moment, be thankful, let a little loose and enjoy this moment in time.

I would like to also be more present with the people I love most in life: my family, my friends and my boyfriend. I would like to learn how to show more gratitude (even though this is something I take pride in already), to show more affection, to share more smiles and kind words. Usually I am the type of person to joke, to giggle but to never show too much affection which I feel is a huge down fall of mine. This year I want to be more open to those who give me life and to give some kind of joy back to them as well.

Though this post is more personal, I will be posting soon about how I am setting SMART goals for myself, how I track my progress, how I refine my goals and how I am doing on the path to achieving them. I hope you’ll come back soon for it!


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