Where Have I Been? Net-Worth, Etsy Adventures, Sickness

Where Have I Been? Net-Worth, Etsy Adventures, Sickness

For the past 6 months, I have taken a bit of a hiatus. Life just got hard and lately harder. I’ll recap all of it for you all that have been following this blog.

What has changed?

Late January of 2019, I changed jobs. I love my new job. I love the space I work in, the people I work with and the new digital experiences I am creating. I finally am getting the mentorship I craved. I am able to see myself making a major impact within the company already and bringing innovative ideas to the table.

What was not so great was the new found stress. Yes, I am the type of person to always have some sort of stress in my life. I tend to turn something as small as a rock into a daunting wall to climb over. My previous job was only 20 minutes away from my parents home, perfect for commuting and saving a ton of money. My new job is now an hour away and if I take the bus, an hour and 15 minutes. When I started at my new company, there was a ton of turn over due to changing management and visa issues for some of my coworkers. Somehow I made it through the storm of adjusting to a new workplace.

Where am I on my FI journey?

I finally reached about $40,000 in net-worth recently. Thanks to my parents for allowing me to live at home and stash away money. I can pay off my car at any time now (I included the debt in my estimate of $40,000). I’m still extremely lucky and happy to live at home while my life seems to be coming together.

I recently started an Etsy shop as well, gaining some confidence through taking the Etsy Digital Downloads course which I found through a podcast I follow religiously, Fire Drill Podcast. I have always been creative and recently got some awesome feedback on some flat design ideas I put out into work so I mustered up the strength and created a series of printables. So far the experience has been fantastic and the course covered a lot I didn’t consider. I have brought in $110.18 in sales to date and about $50 total for revenue after fees. I have also opened up RedBubble and Zazzle shops to see where else this digital artwork route can take me.

Around this time, I noticed I started feeling pretty crummy. A dull pain would hit my joints (either one spot or multiple) at any point in the day, I am feeling tired beyond belief. About a week after what I thought was just me being over stressed, my tongue swelled up and showed signs that I had a compromised immune system. I was terrified and asked my doctor for every “scary” test that would identify what was happening. Everything came back negative and left me with more questions than answers. It’s definitely getting frustrating and expensive for someone who has an HSA. I am continuing to get more tests but my doctors and I are thinking this is more autoimmune than anything else since 7 weeks is a bit long for a common cold/virus. Going forward, if this is something life-long, I will plan on switching my HSA the lower deductible health insurance plan through my employer.

What’s next on the adventure?

Though I am feeling crummy and limited a lot by how I am feeling, I think some self care is in order. I have signed up for therapy to deal with stress and I am planning on attending yoga weekly since I am not longer able to lift weights like I used to.

I’m super excited about my digital artwork adventures and will continue to see where that leads to.

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