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7 Essential Money Podcasts

I am now a completely changed woman: does enjoying podcasts means I’m an adult now? I find myself putting on podcasts in my car during my commute, in the gym (for steady state cardio only because I need all the intense house beats for my high intensity weight lifting routine) and at work while I’m UXing the shit out of software. 

Moving Home #4

I am a bit behind on posting about moving back home and what I have been pursuing, changing and experiencing. I moved back from in July 2018 for several reasons: to save money, to be closer to my family, to be closer to my boyfriend and wanting a slower lifestyle (Boston is very fast paced).

Enjoying the Moment While Pursuing FI

Growing up, I have always understood that money can be a tool and not a crutch. Maybe that’s not clear but I’ll explain… There are usually two views in the general world pertaining to money: money is evil, money is a tool. Those who don’t know how to use the tool regard it as a subject in the book of life that they’ll never grasp, writing it off as for the rich only. Those who educate themselves in the subject of money view it as a way to achieve their hopes and dreams. Sure I might not be a millionaire today or tomorrow, but I’m sure as hell eventually that I’ll reach FI (financial independence) and be able to live the life I want to.

How I Decided To Become Financially Independent

Where does one even begin to retell a series of events that led to a decision that will ultimately impact and shape their future. Reflection upon the past leading up to the fork in the road feels a mix between excitement, nausea, pride, and reluctance. Sometimes I dwell too much in the past and can get swallowed up by the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings that have long gone. But here and with many other life decisions, it is important to reflect, to decide and to analyze. 

Career Hacking - How To Get The Career and Money You Want

I was listening to the ChooseFI Podcast while driving to work this morning and specifically picked the episode 088 - Career Hacking The Tech Industry with had one of my favorite FI bloggers, J from Millennial Boss. What she has done with her life is downright amazing, what all of the people in the FI community do is extraordinary: save most of your income, start profitable side hustles, learn to what is important and live a life not dictated by a paycheck. What I was beyond surprised about was that she had a similar strategy to what I was implementing in my own life.

Moving Home #1

Now that it has officially passed the one mark month of living at home with my family while saving money. I thought it would be fun and helpful to document this journey. I will be starting (well trying to start, let's be honest) weekly posts about my journey of moving home and figuring out finances slowly.