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How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series #3

Welcome back to my How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series! In this series of blog posts I’ll be teaching you step by step how to career hack which includes crafting your personal story, updating your resume and Linkedin with keywords to get the right people looking at your resume and much more. I know certainly when I started out on this journey I had no idea what career hacking was but all along I was figuring out the best way to get myself out there while increasing my income.

How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series #2

Growing up, I would stumble along the path through the woods to my grandfather’s house next door. I would yell “Hi Pop!” which echoed through his old but massive house, I would hear a faint reply “I’ll be down in a minute.” I would sit myself down at his kitchen table ready to listen to whatever stories he wanted to chuckle over. See to be a storyteller, or to be known as one, will instantly make people sit down and listen to your life; past, present and future. Though at the time I thought they were just stories, he was actually teaching me how to use my life story to get where I needed to be in my career and personal life.

How To Career Hack - Self Case Study Series #1

I’ve been career hacking ever since I left school (well my undergrad, still technically in school). I didn’t even know what I was doing had a formal name, I just thought I was a go getter. I highly recommend before you read this self case study that you go and read one of my most popular posts, Career Hacking - How To Get The Career And Money You Want. It’ll give you a great background on what career hacking is and my personal story of how I went from 40K to $14 and hour to 84k in under 4 years.